Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random Thought: Constructive Criticism

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Disclaimer: This is the first time that I'll be posting such kind of blog entry here on my blog, which normally is about parenting, rock music, and my accounts of daily experiences in raising a hearing impaired child. YOU MAY GET OFFENDED WITH THIS ENTRY. YOU MAY CLOSE THE WEBPAGE IF IN CASE YOU GOT OFFENDED, OR YOU MAY READ ALONG TILL THE END. This is just my opinion and based only on my eccentric way of thinking, which insanely constructed these thoughts. you may send a rebuttal/comments/violent reactions anonymously in the comments section or you may send it to my email HERE. So here it goes.

A week ago, our beloved country braced the most powerful typhoon in history, the typhoon Haiyan/yolanda. It nearly wiped out some provinces in the Visayas region, left nearly 7 thousand people dead, destroyed billions amount of property, and left thousands of people homeless, orphaned, widowed, and childless. The international media flocked to the country to cover for the aftermath of the typhoon, several foreign countries have sent tremendous help, even the private individuals, companies, organizations, people around the world have donated to help the victims and survivors of the typhoon.

The international media have exposed the slow response of our government in the time of crisis, and even compared the event to other catastrophe that happened in other countries such as Japan and Indonesia and the response of their government. It was only after 5 days when the aid arrived due to the loss of communication and the difficulty of transportation due to the debris left by the typhoon. The government on the other hand, retorted and blamed the local government unit because "they were not prepared", instead of uplifting the spirits of the survivors and comforting them  as they have lost everything, not just their houses, not just the source of their living, but they've lost their loved ones. As a leader, he should be the one to assure the victims that help will arrive and that he will lead in the recovery and rehabilitation and normalization of their lives after this destructive event. It's just so sad that after all they've been through, they will hear "the leader" blaming them. *sigh*

A lot of people (including me) find this so distasteful, turned to the social media and vent out the violent reactions for the "blame-game" that the president have started. As citizens, legal voters, and tax payers, people of this country have the right to criticize the government based on its performance, the way it handles events like this, and the response. Yes we know that there's no perfect government, even Barack Obama have shortcomings but at least he's humble enough to take all the blame when his obamacare failed, and he's meek enough to accept and apologize for his fault. Nuff said.

There are some people who responded "hey, shut your mouth and help" or something like "you should shut up you know, have you already helped? what have you done to help? how much help have you donated?"
like, are we measuring a person's worth by the amount that he has given? Like the Filipino director Peque Gallaga have stated, "we can help and criticize at the same time" because we just want our help to reach those people who needed the help. We dont want it to be wasted or worse, we dont want it in the pockets of corrupt officials! With so much corruption here in our country which involved several public officials (hope the president's not involved) it is really hard to trust anyone in the politics nowadays. Everything that they will do will be tainted with doubt and controversy... and to add to that, should we really have to tell the whole wide world that we've helped or that we've donated? I know some people just want to inspire others to help, but for me, IMO, we should help quietly, we should help without the need for appreciation or recognition because the very purpose of helping is to help right? not just because you want to impress everyone. I was being judged online because of the things I am posting in facebook, even branded as a member of the "opposition" because of the criticisms I make with regards to the flow of the aid, the repacking of goods from other countries for the replacement of the packs with names of public officials, the classification of the survivors who'll be given with relief goods with voters and non-voters, which obviously, the non-voters of the party who'll be distributing the goods will not be given, the sorting of imported goods which were replaced with local goods, and so many other dreadful things. Yes, I am criticizing, others too, but please dont answer us with "have you helped, how much have you given" because seriously, we dont want to disclose such details. There's no need for me to post in Facebook my selfie photo with a pack of relief goods, or with a deposit slip, or with a check or with a cash.. I dont need to post a status update stating that I've given up my desire of buying a gold iphone 5s worth 45 thousand pesos and give my savings instead to the relief operation for the survivors.... It may and will likely attract kidnappers, holduppers, and criminals of some sort, and i dont want to risk my life. And just because I dont post about it, doesn't mean I did not. I just dont like bragging about what I've given.

The criticisms should be taken as constructive; the government should listen to the people's opinions and give them the truth because after all, as what the president have said, "KAYO ANG BOSS KO" (you are my boss). Well, we're not being bossy here, but we just want to point out that we, the people, have voted for you, everyone in the position, because we believe that you are capable of being the leader, leading the country to progress, cleaning the country with heartless criminals which, sadly, were also in the position, and helping us get ahead with our lives, which you've already done so far. We're not expecting you to be perfect but at least make us feel that you are one with us, not just only directing, commanding, telling your subordinates to do this or that, displacing your disappointment to someone, but to have some empathy, feel the people's suffering, comfort them, assure them, lead them. In this time of distress, we need to "see a calm and collected commander-in-chief who can lift their spirits up when it is down." (Quoted from this blog).


As of this moment, relief is already reaching the affected areas, some survivors were transported here in Manila to start anew with their relatives here, some decided to stay in the visayas and start with what was left by the typhoon. It will be a very long journey to recovery but with the strength and resilience of the Filipino, recovery will be possible. For the help of all the people who've given their hands, time, effort, themselves in helping our fellow in the Visayas, Thank You so Much and Godbless Us always.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thought: Persons with Disabilities

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 We often name our president "abnoy" or "abnormal", to mock him because of his "incompetency" with regards to dealing with the crisis and disasters that come in our country.  For others, they think this is okay or it doesn't affect them much, but for me, these words are actually offensive. Not because i am his fan, but because these words are really offensive especially to parents of disabled children. I know I cant make other people comply with my way of thinking but it actually hurts so much whenever I hear those words. On the political perspective, I don't accept Kris Aquino, the President's Popular talk show host/actress sister running for any political position, but as a mother, I admire her so much because she was able to raise her son JOSH (which as we all know, was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism) well, gave him everything he needs, not being ashamed of having such a child, and giving her son much love and being proud of him, and I admire her family as well, they really loved josh as much as they love Bimby, they're not ashamed of having him as nephew. In the medical setting, we don't call the "abnormal" people abnormal or retarded or worse, mongoloid, we pertain to them as "mentally challenged", "PWD", "people with special needs". I wish people would be word-sensitive and choose words carefully when pertaining to those people.. and I hope when you attack the incompetence of the President, please leave the "abnormal" topic, especially his nephew alone.. We could criticize him by his performance and not by his nephew's condition. Not being Self-righteous here, but we should bear in mind that there are people who are actually having this condition and mocking them will not help them as a person. Instead, we should try to uplift their self- esteem by letting them feel that they are accepted in the society, and see their potentials despite their insufficiency.  Plus, being around kids with special needs, I have proven that they are really compassionate, kind, friendly, solicitous and warm despite the disability. Just my two cents.


Monday, October 28, 2013

How to React When Tantrums Arise

Patience is a virtue, and Moms of disabled kids (and normal kids) could really use this mantra. The kids may throw tantrums even in public vehicles, public places (mall, grocery, school) or places you wont wish to calm a flare up, but having a very long patience and being calm are some of the best tools in Handling Tantrums. When i was confronted with tantrums for the first time it really drove me crazy, even sent me to my wit's end, and end up really really upset and angry, but as time passes, (after 6 years and 3 kids) I got used to it and formulated some techniques on how to react when faced with the kid's sudden outburst.

1. Stay Calm. Deep breathing and counting one to ten before reacting to a tantrum really help in calming ourselves and clearing our mind so we could react accordingly and avoid having a fit of rage over the child's behavior.

2. Ignore the tantrum. Giving even the negative attention to the tantrum will validate the behavior and may give the child the feeling of superiority because they think that tantrums are a great way to get our attention, get what they want, and have it their way. Don't react, or walk away, take a few steps and let the child have the tantrum.

3. Figure out the cause of the tantrum. Tantrums can be triggered by a number of things like getting hungry, sleepy, boredom, frustration over something, or sometimes, it's because they want to have something.

4. Don't Give in. Giving in to the demands will only reinforce the behavior and may use it even after the age that they should cease having tantrums.

5. Don't use physical force or discipline to regain control. It will only led them to think that spanking or hitting is acceptable and may have an effect on their psychological and social development. They may even learn to use it when they became frustrated with other kids. It also indicates that you are out of control.


Credits: Aboutkids.orgWikihowPositive Parenting SolutionsKids Health

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Post Secondary Education for the Deaf

This is my son Carl Patrick, Currently in Pre-school and studying at Special Children Education Institution in Pasig City.
Last night, I've seen the news about a Deaf and Mute college student who was able to graduate with honors despite challenges. As a mom of a hearing impaired kid, I was amazed and inspired at the same time, hopeful that someday my kid will be like that student, living life normally notwithstanding his disability, conquering his limitations, and being able to bring out the best in him. Other people look at the disability like it's a burden or an obstacle, like the person can do nothing about it and ends up being dependent requiring full care and attention. But no, not my son, I can see his independence at an early age. I can see the things that he can do. He can do things that normal 6-year-old kids can do. He can communicate (through sign language and gestures) to others, even to the hearing kids (given that the kids are not mean and won't mock him). As early as now, I'm already rounding up the schools that offers vocational or 2 year courses, and 4-year degree courses to hearing impaired students.

1. CAP College School for the Deaf - Established in 1989 and is the first college school for the deaf in Manila. The mode of instruction is the traditional system of instruction. Total Communication is the medium of instruction. You can contact the school here for more details. The courses they offer are:
  • Associate in Arts in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management, Marketing or Entrepreneurship
2. The Philippine School for the Deaf - Founded in 1907 by Dr. David P. Barrows, the Director of Education in the Philippines, and Delia Delight Rice, a teacher for the deaf with immense experience in special education, and daughter of deaf parents in Columbus, Ohio. The school is located at 2620 FB Harrison, Pasay City, Metro Manila or you can call 5100252. The school offers:
  • Pre-elementary education
  • Early Childhood Education (5 to 6 years old)
  • Preparatory (pre-requisite to grade 1)
  • Literacy Class
  • Elementary education
  • Secondary education
  • Transition education
  • Vocational program
  • Apprenticeship program
3. Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf - Founded in October 1993 by two young computer professionals, one hearing and one deaf, who dreamed of providing education for hearing impaired persons through the use of computers which is apt for them since it require minimal supervision and communication skills. The school is situated at Purok Dos Sitio Buntung Palay, Barangay Silangan Road,Bgy. Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, 1825 or contact them here. The Courses they offer are:
4. De La Salle College of Saint Benilde - Established in 1980 by Br. Andrew Gonzales FSC as College of Career Development, a night school for the working students of De La Salle University. It was renamed after Saint Bénilde Romançon, a Christian Brother 1988, and became autonomous in 1994. The School Offers Deaf Learners’ Preparatory Course, a two-trimester program to evaluate the deaf individual for readiness for college before advancing to the Applied Deaf Studies Program. The Applied Deaf Studies Program specializes in computer graphics and entrepreneurship. The School is located at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde 950 Pablo Ocampo St., Malate Manila, or contact them here.

If you wish to watch the story of the deaf college student, you can watch it here.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

20 Best Acoustic Songs from Rock Artists

                        Was Cleaning our storage room when i found this, my poor old guitar. This was my then-boyfriend-now-husband's first gift. Can't believe it's almost a decade old and was able to stand the test of time.. (including floods and termites). I missed playing this since the last time i was able to play a guitar was during my college days, my highschool friends inspired me to learn the guitar, and of course, some good old rock music.
Rock music is not just about noise and distortion behind compelling and offbeat lyrics, sometimes, some of the "loudest" rock musicians and bands make music that are apt for the peace and quiet moments. There are also songs that inspires us to learn the guitar so we can play and sing those beautifully crafted songs. The one song that inspired me to learn the prominent instrument in music is Goo Goo Dolls' "Name" from the 1995 album A Boy Named Goo. Here are 20 Acoustic Songs that will make you strumming and humming in no time. (no particular order)

2. Patience - Guns n' Roses
3. Over the hills and far away - Led Zeppelin
4. Your Decision - Alice in Chains
5. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac/ Smashing Pumpkins
6. Time of your life (Good Riddance) - Green Day
7. The Man who sold the world - David Bowie/Nirvana
8. No Rain - Blind Melon
9. Wonderwall - Oasis
10. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
11. Rocky Racoon - The Beatles
12. Blackbird - The Beatles
13. Yesterday - The Beatles
14. Across the universe - The Beatles
15. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
16. Knockin on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
17. Wish You were here - Pink Floyd
18. Free Bird - Lynyrd skynyrd
19. Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
20. Redemption Song - Bob Marley


Credits: Guitar World