Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ten Rock Songs about Being Yourself (Self-Appreciation)

A lot of kids suffer from insecurity and low self esteem because they feel that they are different, that they don't belong with the society, and they are afraid of rejection just because they cant keep up with what the others are doing. The result, a low self confidence, inferiority, and identity crisis. One of the hardest times during my teenage years was being left out or "unfit" with my peers. i thought of myself as "the ugly duckling" because everyone's fair and i have dark tanned skin (that was during highschool C:) but not long after, i've
learned to accept my individuality and became proud of myself and of who I am. I've focused more on what i can do, acknowledged my imperfections, And celebrated my eccentricity and queerness. After all, appearance is just skin deep and what's important is the character. Now that i have children, i tell them
that its OKAY to be different, that they can go against the flow if that's what make them comfortable and happy with themselves, just as long as they dont step on anybody, they dont hurt anybody, and that they are useful to the society. Here are 10 Rock songs we can play as we embrace our idiosyncrasy.

1. Be yourself - Audioslave
2. Come As You Are - Nirvana
3. Minority - Greenday
4. Im Free - The Rolling Stones
5. Watching the Wheels - John Lennon
6. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
7. This aint a scene, It's a tragedy - Fallout Boy
8. As I am - Dream Theater
9. Paint it black - The Rolling Stones
10. Lithium - Nirvana
11* Born This Way - Lady GaGa - I cant help but include this to this list because this song is one of the most popular individuality slash self appreciation slash self empowering song to date. Many people loved lady gaga because of her Born This Way Foundation which empowers "different" people, especially the LGBT community. She earned popularity and notoriety because of her advocacy and her fight against bullying.


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  1. I believe you're confused about #7 on your list. The Fall Out Boy song mentioned is called This Aint a Scene, It's An Arms Race. Apparently it borrows part of a song by Panic At the Disco called I Write Sins, Not Tragedies. I haven't heard it but learned of it from a google search.